Thursday, March 12, 2009


Valentines Day, I went caching with friends. Had a great time. A couple of weeks ago, David invites us to do a little caching with him. Had a great time caching in Wildthing73's back yard. The caches were good, the area was awesome! The fun was the best. It started out cold, warmed up a bit, then cooled back off. Then the rain set in. Still, we cached on. Bundling back up after the sun set and hitting the goal of 75, which turned into 80 because those were on the way back out to the freeway. Ya know how that is.

David was on a roll! He was finding caches that I thought were unfindable. He definitely had the mojo. Billy did however try to hit him with the jeep a few times, and I got the privilege of locking them both out of the jeep until one of them danced. That will teach Billy to leave his keys in the ignition! HA

To many laughs to share, but I will try to keep this blog up in the future with more details.

See you on the trails!

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